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About us

What is jagoeve?

Jagoeve is an B2C and B2B e commerce shopping web portal functioning on a Pure Market Place model, wherein the sellers can directly sell their range of consumer durables to the customers located all over India. 

Our product range consists of consumer electronic products like Mobiles, Laptops, Home Appliances, Kitchen appliances along with gender and age specific products like Clothing, Footwear, Jewellery etc. Sellers can only sell their new products via Jagoeve.

In addition to the shopping experience, jagoeve also provides user interaction that is of clean entertainment value ; ensuring a wholesome experience for the end user.

Who creates jagoeve?

Jagoeve is created by an Entrepreneurial team that consists of former CEO’s of successful public sector organisations, along with competent professionals and technology experts with a proven track record, and have a combined experience of more than a century in the commercial business sector.

Why choose jagoeve?

Jagoeve is based on a pure Market place business model with zero inventory, either in form of logistic support to sellers by maintaining fulfillment centers or otherwise, and focuses on generation of revenue stream and self sustainability rather than on maintenance of high valuation via Gross Merchandise Value (GMV).

Jagoeve joins hands in the most economic and cost effective manner with competent logistic partners and financial and technical service providers including Internet Payments Gateways [IPG] and Financial institutions to ensure cost effective integration of these logistic and financial functions; thereby ensuring the generation of a customer experience in par with or surpassing other existing e retail portals who have created these verticals by themselves.

The streamlined supply chain operations from sellers to buyers located and spread all over the nation is made possible with seamless integration of our operations with other competent logistic service partners and providers in the industry, and this ensure their high value core competence to our supply chain operations; giving us a competitive edge that would enable our market entry and sustainable growth.

Front end and integration with financial institutions and IPG providers would ensure that the customer attrition at the payment gate way and during direct bank account remittance is minimal, and payment receipt and disbursement lag time is lowest; thereby resulting in better customer experience.

Perceived back end integration with financial institutions and financial service providers would ensure that the sellers at jagoeve have minimal working capital crunch, and their cash flow would be sufficient for them to expand their product portfolio and stock levels. This synergy ensures cost effective operation for the seller, jagoeve and buyer. Jagoeve’s fixed cost and operating cost is reduced to the optimum level; ensuring profitability and lesser break even cost and time.